Mastering 3D modeling and printing with your own imagination(Half Day) - Grades 3-5

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Unleash your child's creativity with this intermediate 3D Printing course! They will transform imagination into reality, mastering 3D modeling and printing their own designs. Through fun projects, they will build problem-solving skills and learn to present their creations with confidence. They will learn the secrets of successful printing and discover how to tweak designs for the coolest results. This hands-on experience sparks innovation and prepares them for the future of design and technology. Join today and watch their ideas come to life in 3D!


Select Your Session: 8/12 - 8/19 (9am-12:30pm)

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  • What is 3D Design?
  • What are design principles?
  • What are solid shapes for 3D Designs?
  • How to design objects for 3D printing?
  • How to design objects quickly?
  • How to refine designs?
  • How to present design work?